Acrylic glass printing turns your memories into works of art. It enhances your family photos making them more vibrant and elegant, creating that “Wow!” feeling you desire. But, you need decent quality photos before you can etch them to acrylic.

While you may see yourself as great photographer and make great photos, your digital camera may betray you. Digital camera quality affects your photos more than most people recognize. A poor digital camera can turn a great moment into a pixelated mess.

Fortunately, you have many affordable digital camera options to choose from simple automatic point & shoot compacts for beginners and intermediate photographers to professional prosummer cameras designed for advanced needs. You just need to choose the right camera for your need

If you are looking for a good digital camera to take your family pictures, I recommend you look for cameras with the following desirable features.

  • Speed – your digital camera needs to take pictures with minimal shutter lag for moments such as children playing, babies, parties, children playing sports & family social occasions.
  • Zoom lens – You want the zoom lens that is either 3x or longer and capable of producing sharp high quality photos.
  • Size – You want a camera that you can fit in a pocket.
  • Movie Mode – Find a camera that offers the resolution and frame rate to produce the video and picture quality you want. While all cameras offer frame rates of 30fps, VGA produces smooth jitter free movies with audio allowing you to carry only one camera for both photography and video. On the other hand, high definition cameras usually offer 720p HD image quality but at the cost of memory card space. You can save space by using a camera with H.264 mpeg4 compression.
  • Battery Life – The longer the battery life the better, but longevity adds to the price.
  • Large LCD Display – The LCD viewfinder must be 2″ or larger to accurately view and compose the picture.
  • Face Detection – Cameras with face detection will properly focus themselves when capturing human faces.

Digital cameras designed for family phots need to meet the above criteria.  Some other worthy features include weatherproofing and image stabilization, but they are not required especially if you don’t intend to use those features.

Prosumers, or professional, digital cameras have additional features providing more creative control, including manual-controlled aperture and shutter speed, external flashguns hot shoes, and the option to save raw files without compression, with digital SLR cameras offer the most bang for your buck. But, these cameras come with higher price tags.

Unless you plan on creating Hollywood-level films of your family, you will get the best value by going with a higher-end intermediate camera than going all out for an expensive professional camera. However, the final say will always be in your hands.

Still, I hope you take my recommendations to heart the next time you go out to get a digital camera for your family photos.  That way you can ensure higher quality results when you ask us to print your photos onto acrylic.


What to Look for in a Digital Camera for your Family Photos